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Nowadays, the Swiss watch makers IWC has cooperated with the Tribeca Film Festival to promote cinema and upcoming filmmakers. It is a relationship with continues a trend set by IWC to involve itself in the world of movies and entertainment as much as possible. It might not seem obvious, but this historic maker of pilot and other professional men’s watches is deeply invested in the arts. Why doesn’t IWC seek to become a luxury company, like many other older watch companies? Their purpose to make the perfect quality, until the watch industry fundamentally changed in the 1980s and 1990s into a producer of high-end toys and status symbols for those with the taste and means to afford them. IWC’s professionally geared timepieces embody the spirit of fantasy, offering their customers the ability to feel like they are part of the world of driving, flying, or diving that the watch they are wearing was designed to be a part of. That same type of fantasy is what keeps the movie industry going.

In honor of the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival IWC has produced a single solid gold model and a limited edition US-only steel version of their Pilot Watch Spitfire Chronograph for the event. The festival’s signature red color is features in the chronograph sub dials of the watches. Aside from the nice timepiece I felt that it was a good idea to speak with the President of the Tribeca Film Festival, Mr. Jon Patricof, on their relationship with IWC and how the two entities share a sense of synergy and purpose.

Many Watch and other luxury companies are typically very excited to be cooperated with the entertainment industry. It will help them to make more profit.

In 2005, Tribeca is working with partners which was to find ways they could be even more integrated into our festival rather than relegated to other industry.—this integration has worked well for us and our partners. Working with luxury companies like IWC that appreciate art, quality and craftsmanship is the best of both worlds – as these partners’ instincts and ours line up from the start.

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Most people think of the movies they enjoy, but there are so many smaller and more interesting films out there which don’t have the same budgets. It is very important for the sponsors such as brand IWC to support successful film festivals for their success and help film makers promote their work.

The Festival’s mission is a platform which to nurture filmmakers and help bring their work to the widest possible audiences. Filmmakers require capital but also need advocates, visibility and sustained commitment throughout their career. Partners like IWC are collaborators with Tribeca in helping filmmakers in all these regards, particularly with the IWC Filmmaker Award, which is a grant awarded to a rising filmmaker. Providing financial support to filmmakers is extremely important but equally as important is being an advocate especially among the influential patrons who make up IWC’s customer base.

IWC on very special occasions will create a limited edition timepiece for a partner and we immediately embraced the idea of doing one for the Tribeca Film Festival. The response has amazed me including hearing from an acquaintance and film financier who saw the timepiece in a boutique and let me know that he purchased one. It reminded me that these timepieces provide a way for film aficionados the chance to connect back to the Festival.

You are probably aware that watch brands IWC help sponsor some films in exchange for product placement.Sometimes in unique ways that go beyond characters wearing their products. It is a main way for IWC to support the films to become more and more famous and know and know by more people.





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